At Home

This collection will provide soundscape recordings ready to use for teachers in their classes.

You can listen directly online or download each sound with its fiche and image by clicking on the download button. Once downloaded, open the compressed file or right-click to extract its content.

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Chopping vegetables

You can hear chopping vegetables into large and then into smaller pieces


You can hear the removal and unpacking of meat, slicing onions, taking them off the table, slicing vegetables, the saucepan, pouring oil, meat added to hot oil, stirring the meat, adding chopped onions and peppers, salting, seasoning, adding tomatoes, water, stirring cover the lid, slicing the potatoes, greasing the mould, adding cheese and potatoes, seasoning, stirring in the pot, adding the contents of the pot to the mould, spreading the contents in the mould, removing, ready for the table, slicing in the mould, placing on the plate, scooping with a fork, into the mouth and placing the fork.

Stirring a pot

You can hear the sound of cooking and stirring in a pot.


Making Pancakes

Breaking egg

You can hear a crack of an egg when it hits a corner of a bowl and then the egg shell being manually opened, the egg then flips out of its shell.

Lighting the stove

You can hear a match being lit using a matchbox, gas being turned on, and then the gas is lit by the matchstick.

Measuring flour

You can hear flour in a paper bag being open and then the bag is being rattled and shaked in order to pour the flour in a bowl on weighing scale to be measured.

Pancake flipping

You can hear the pancake being shaken in a frying pan and then flipped into the air and back into to frying pan.

Pouring milk

You can hear the milk bottle being open and the liquid poured into a cup.


Whisking by hand

You can hear someone using the whisk to make e.g. thick cream. The whisk is being used in a tall jar, we can here the whisk touching the sides of the jar and some liquid being whisked.

Household Chores


You can hear a cloth being wiped over a surface before more polish is sprayed on the surface. You have a ‘thud’ as the polish bottle is place on the top of the work surface before the cloth is wiped over the surface a second time.

Emptying Water

There are the sounds of water drops and of the water leaving the sink.


Water in the sink

Water is coming from the tube to the sink.


Feeding the dog

You can hear a cup being used to scoop granules from a bag before they are emptied into a ceramic bowl.

Loading the dishwaher

You can hear a dishwasher being opened and a tray being pulled out and loaded with crockery and cutlery.

Washing dishes

Someone is taking a dish in his hands, water drops are falling and the sponge is scrubbing the dish.


Wiping dishes

We can hear the contact of the towel against the dish, nails against the dish and the dish is put on others.

Making the bed

You can hear a duvet being shaken and placed on a bed.


Mopping I

You can hear a mop being rinsed in a bucket of water and then dried by a spinning motion in the bucket.

Mopping II

You can hear a mop being pushed forward and back across a floor.


Set the table

We can hear different dishes sounds. Glasses, forks, knives, spoons and boards are smashing against each other.



The vacuum is being turned on, and someone uses it to vacuum a room.


You can hear the vacuum being turned on and somebody using it to hoover the floor, moving the vacuum forward and back over the floor.


Washing Machine

You can hear the continuous sound of spinning washing machine. It is a steady noise of a turning drum of the washing machine.

Window cleaning I

You can hear the window being cleaned with a sponge. You can hear the typical squeaky sound of a wet cloth against the glass.


Window cleaning II

You can hear a squiggy being dragged across a window pane to dry it after it has been washed.


Household Sounds


Somebody is using a house doorbell.




We can here block of flats elevator with its sound of lady reading the level.


Family Meeting

We hear noise during a family gathering. Lots of voices and conversations.


Person sighing

A person is sighing, and the wind is blowing.


Writing on paper

You can hear someone writing on a paper with a pencil and some wind in the background.

In the Garden

Children playing

We can hear children playing, running, laughing, screaming and speaking to each other.


Ringing bell

You can hear someone ringing a bell multiple times and the wind is blowing.

Shoes in the grass

You can hear someone walking in the grass and his steps on it. You also hear the wind blowing and some birds.


It rains, and there are some thunders. The wind is blowing, too.


Tree leaves

The wind is blowing in the leaves of trees.

Morning Routine

Brush your teeth

Twist off your toothpaste, put it on your toothbrush and start brushing your teeth.

Hair dryer

Someone is using a hair dryer. We hear the clear sound of the device.


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