Sound is the vocabulary of nature.

P. Schaeffer


Children with poor language skills are likely to have low school readiness and are at risk of subsequent academic problems. Reading is considered one of the main ways of vocabulary acquisition, meaning that students with poorer, cultural or linguistic diverse backgrounds, Specific Learning Disorders (SLD) or other special needs often have difficulties.

By using “soundscapes”, “storytelling”, and “audio stories”, as well as by immersing learners in the concept of “multi-sensory learning”, the project Sound of Stories aspires to bring an innovative vocabulary learning approach in primary education classrooms.

This project will provide a series of tools for teachers to offer a new experience to students that will help them reinforce their literacy levels, but also to foster their imagination. This approach aims to develop vocabulary acquisition by providing surroundings with new words while motivating students to pursue these fields in an enjoyable and different way.



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