Complete Soundscapes

This collection will provide soundscape recordings ready to use for teachers in their classes.

You can listen directly online or download each sound with its fiche and image by clicking on the download button. Once downloaded, open the compressed file or right-click to extract its content.

Children having fun

Children are having fun during the school break.


Cooking Pancakes

You can hear noises like a frying pan being handled on the hob, the frying of oil, the flip of a pancake and a child stating they are hungry, Hum Hum. Towards the end a kettle is turned on. The radio / song is being played in the background and pots clicking. Someone takes a sip of a drink.

Farm Park

You can hear the children visiting the farm. You can hear cows, sheep, domestic pigs, chickens, horses, ducks, and a frog.

Park Soundscape

You can hear the children talking, the rhythm of swings swinging, people walking in gravel, laughter and crying. You hear heavy breathing and reassuring voices as parents help children. There is background noise of cars and it is evident it is a busy park.

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