This collection will provide soundscape recordings ready to use for teachers in their classes.

You can listen directly online or download each sound with its fiche and image by clicking on the download button. Once downloaded, open the compressed file or right-click to extract its content.

Categories :


bird on a tree


Different birds are singing, and we can hear car traffic from far away. The wind is also blowing, and some branches and leaves are making sounds with the wind blowing them.

Geese walking on grass


Geese are clucking and the wind is blowing. You can hear that they are multiple.

Farm Animals

Chicken walking on grass


You can hear the sounds of chicken.



You can hear the sounds of a rooster.

Person cleaning out a cow shed

Cleaning out the cow shed

You can hear the sounds of cleaning out the cow shed.

Cows mooing

Birds are singing, and cows are mooing.


You can hear the sounds of one dog.

light-grey donkey

Donkey braying

A donkey is braying, and the wind is blowing. You can also hear some car traffic in the back.

hand giving food to a donkey

Donkey eating

We can hear an animal eating and breathing. There is also the wind blowing, and a horse is neighing.

hand petting a donkey

Petting a donkey

A person is petting the donkey. You can hear the contact between the animal’s skin and hair and someone’s hand.

Farm Park

You can hear the children visiting the farm. You can hear cows, sheep, domestic pigs, chickens, horses, ducks, and a frog.


You can hear the horse neighing and eating.

Sheep bleating

Birds are singing, and sheep are bleating.

Sheeps eating grass

Sheep eating grass

A sheep is chewing some grass.

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